Russia tries to camouflage its new wave of carnage in Ukraine with heinous lies regarding Moscow terror attack

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March 28,2024 508
Russia tries to camouflage its new wave of carnage in Ukraine with heinous lies regarding Moscow terror attack

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is outraged with Russia’s recent attempts to blame Ukraine, the UK and the USA for the horrific attack in Moscow on March 22. The Russian leadership is promoting this lie despite all signs pointing to a militant group of religious fanatics. This is a cynical demonstration of the Putin regime’s own negligence towards Russian civilians, and one that marks a new stage in Russia’s hybrid aggression against Ukraine and the West.  

We call on the international community to reject this Russian propaganda and false narrative, and to take all of the steps that are necessary to bring the inhumane Putin regime to justice.  

“The Russian leadership’s horrendous and absurd lies and misinformation about the supposed involvement of Ukraine, the UK and the US in the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack is a clear sign that the dictator Putin is turning Russia into an Orwellian authoritarian state, as he attempts to immerse Russian society into a false and manipulated alternative reality. His ultimate goal is to stir up even more hatred against Ukrainians and the West in order to conduct a new wave of mobilization in Russia,” stated UWC President Paul Grod.  

ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall on March 22, which took the lives of at least 139 people. Western media have reported that US intelligence had warned Russian authorities, at least a month before the tragedy, that ISIS was planning an attack in Russia. Vladimir Putin has instead looked for ways to blame Ukraine, and, on March 26, Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), stated that Ukraine, the UK and the US were responsible for the attack, without providing any concrete evidence. 

“Under the guise of its heinous lies, Russia continues its ruthless attacks on peaceful Ukrainian cities, launching missiles at and attacking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure with kamikaze drones. Nearly every power station in the country has been damaged. The world must reject and denounce Russia’s disinformation and terror, stand firm with Ukraine, and respond with enhanced military support to stop Russian military aggression, and end the war,” Grod added.  

Cover: RIA Novosti

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