Russian church implements women’s slavery in occupied territories

May 23,2024 373
Russian church implements women’s slavery in occupied territories

The Russian Church organized a women slaves forum in the occupied territories of Ukraine, reported the National Resistance Center (NRC). “A “republican” forum dedicated to women’s ministry was held at the Tauride Theological Seminary of the Russian Church. Women from the temporarily occupied Kherson, Luhansk, and Crimea were brought here,” the NRC writes.

The forum primarily focused on instilling unquestioning obedience in women and girls to the ideas of the Kremlin’s church. Among these ideas is encouraging having large families with many children so that there are plenty of sons and daughters to send to imperialist wars in the future.

Today, the Russian church is openly positioning itself as a political tool of the Kremlin authorities and actively uses women as a tool to promote political and imperial ideas. They are often involved in various charitable and social events, where their presence acts as a symbol of support for church ideals,” the report says.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russians in the occupied territories of Ukraine are teaching Ukrainian children to tell on others. “On the temporarily occupied left bank of the Kherson region, Russians are conducting lessons on denunciation among local teenagers,” the statement said.

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