Russian disinformation in action: Bandera’s grave vandalized with provocative writing

May 22,2024 554
Russian disinformation in action: Bandera’s grave vandalized with provocative writing

Unknown individuals vandalized the grave of Stepan Bandera in Munich, Germany, reported the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Banderites.

“Another act of vandalism in Munich, just before Heroes’ Day. At the Waldfriedhof Cemetery, Russian agents once again desecrated the grave of our Leader. In recent years, I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened. The provocative inscription is clearly intended to sow discord within Ukrainian society,” wrote Oleg Medunitsya, president of the Anti-imperial Block of Nations and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament in the VII and VIII convocations.

The monument was inscribed with “We need elections,” likely referring to the alleged “illegitimacy” of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Days earlier, sources in American intelligence reported that Russia had launched a disinformation campaign against Zelenskyy, aiming to discredit him and raise questions about his legitimacy.

“I would actually connect this disinformation effort to President Zelensky’s effectiveness across this conflict in remaining a stable, dedicated and critically important leader of his country,” said the official, who requested anonymity to discuss the intelligence.

At the same time, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists – Banderites once again called for the creation of a Memorial to the Fallen Heroes in Ukraine, which would entail the reburial of the leaders of the liberation struggle from foreign lands, including Symon Petliura, Yevhen Konovalets, and Stepan Bandera.

“Thank God, the matter has finally moved from a standstill and a National Military Memorial Cemetery is already being created. But this work needs to be accelerated. The ashes of our glorious predecessors will never give peace to Moscow’s aggressors, and it is the duty of the Ukrainian state to care for the memory and honorable commemoration of the fallen Heroes!” wrote Medunitsya.

Earlier, on May 16, unidentified individuals disrupted a pro-Ukrainian event in Porto. Previously, Russians in Lisbon vandalized the area near the bust of Taras Shevchenko with the letter Z – a symbol of the Russian army and the invasion of Ukraine.

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