Russian national liberation movements at Washington Summit endorse armed resistance against Kremlin

April 18,2024 295
Russian national liberation movements at Washington Summit endorse armed resistance against Kremlin

Representatives from Russia’s national liberation movements have advocated for an armed uprising. During the Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum conference in Washington on April 16, participants issued a statement on shifting from peaceful protests to violent actions.

“Representatives of national liberation, regional, and anti-imperial movements have been holding such conferences and round tables for two years in cities around the world: in Rome, Berlin, Warsaw, Brussels, and many others. However, neither in Brussels, Berlin, nor in other cities have participants of the Forums ever resorted to calls for armed uprising in their final documents. Finally, it happened,” writes Ukrainian journalist Andrii Yanitskyi.

The call was supported by Iyad Youghar, Chairman of the International Council of Circassians; Denis Ugriumov, Free Ingria Movement; Rajana Dugar De Ponte, the Secretary of the Buryat Independence Committee; Aset Sabdulaeva, the Government of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (in exile); Batyr Boromangnaev, deputy of Kalmyk’s self-governing Congress of the Oirat-Kalmyk people; Rizvan Kubakaev from Nogaistan; Artyom Medvedev, Udmurtia; Pavel Ivlev, Ingria; Marina Khankhalaeva, Buryatia; Nomma Zarubina, Siberia; Slava Afanasyev, Ural; and Dmitri Pavlov, Sakha.

The misnamed “Russian Federation” is transforming itself from an authoritarian into an imperial totalitarian state. The captive nations and regions seeking freedom from Moscow must decide on what modes of liberation they will pursue, ranging from non-violent protests to armed resistance,” the document states.

The signatories called on supporters of freedom and independence to coordinate, including acts of direct action and partisan sabotage, by activating the Rebel and Liberation Armies in the territories of the peoples and regions still occupied by the Kremlin’s enslaved colonies.

The de-occupation of lands captured by imperial Moscow from Crimea to Japan, as well as the transformation of the terrorist empire into independent post-Russian states, is the only way toward a lasting peace and a new global security architecture,” emphasize the authors of the call.

During the UWC Summit in Bucharest, UWC President Paul Grod urged Ukrainians living in Russia to support Ukraine’s efforts to defeat Russia. This appeal highlights the UWC’s call for solidarity and assistance in the ongoing war.

Photos: the Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum