Russian rocket takes the lives of a mother and her son who came to Vinnytsya

July 20,2022 514
Russian rocket takes the lives of a mother and her son who came to Vinnytsya

In Vinnytsya Oblast’s village of Mala Mochulka, people kneel along the road, their heads bowed, tears in their eyes, while a few cars are carrying home the bodies of their two fellow villagers: seven-year-old Maksym and his 35-year-old mother, Viktoria.

Viktoria was a dentist. She had just opened her private surgery – her long-time dream. Maksym was her only child, she adored him and put her soul and heart into bringing him up. He was supposed to go to school for the first time this fall.

On July 14, Viktoria’s husband, Maksym’s stepfather, drove them 130 kilometers from the village to Vinnytsya downtown for an examination at the Neuromed clinic scheduled for 10:45 a.m. Viktoria and Maksym left the car and were peacefully walking toward the clinic unaware that cruise missiles launched from a Russian submarine in the Black Sea were already in the air, approaching the city. They only made it to the Neuromed entry and across the threshold.

Having heard the news of what had happened in Vinnytsya, their relatives began calling Viktoria but there was no reply. They hoped that Maksym and his mother survived and would be taken alive from under the rubbles. In the evening, their bodies were found.

“This is a tragedy not only for their family but for all of us,” says their friend Nadiya Dzyobko. “Both Vika and her son were wonderful people… Former mother-in-law and father-in-law adored Vika, called her ‘our Vikusya.’ Now the world has collapsed for them. They don’t know how to live on. And neither do we.”

The missile strike at Vinnytsya, one of Russia’s many war crimes, took the lives of 25 people, including three children, and over 200 applied for medical assistance. Again, just one crime of many.

Russia is a terrorist state!

No forgiveness!

Source: Fakty