Russian Terror: President Zelensky’s national address June 28

June 29,2022 343
Russian Terror: President Zelensky’s national address June 28
  • President Zelensky took part in a special meeting of the UN Security Council convened by the Albanian Permanent Representative Ferit Hoxha  at the request of Ukraine.
  • President Zelensky explained that for the special meeting, “we used all international levers to bring Russia to justice for state terrorism. For everything done by the Russian army against Ukrainians in Kremenchug, in Ochakov, in Lysychansk, in Kharkiv, in the Dnieper, in many, many other cities of Ukraine.”
  • President Zelensky called on the UN to use existing mechanisms in the UN Charter to stop Russian manipulation of the organization’s structures and to set up a special tribunal to investigate Russian war crimes on Ukrainian soil.
  • As of Tuesday evening, June 28, the total number of Russian missiles that have hit our cities is already 2,811; And how many more air bombs? How many artillery shells?
  • Ukraine’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies are doing their best to identify all Russian servicemen responsible for terror against our cities.

Law enforcement officials have identified the names of the pilots who bombed the mall in Kremenchug, according to Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrsky.

“Not only Putin, but also the direct perpetrators will be punished for this crime. The criminal proceedings are being conducted by the Security Service of Ukraine. There are already the first names of pilots who flew on the Tu-22 and fired fatal shots,” said Mr Monastyrsky. The ministry did not give names, but the pilots were previously named by the internet investigation collective InformNapalm.

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