Russians attack pizzeria in Kramatorsk: children killed

June 28,2023 859
Russians attack pizzeria in Kramatorsk: children killed

On the evening of June 27, Russian troops attacked Kramatorsk. The occupiers hit the catering establishment with Iskander missiles, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported.

As of the morning of June 28, 10 people are known to have been killed, including three children. Rescue operations are ongoing; the State Emergency Service says there may still be people under the rubble. More than 60 civilians were wounded, particularly an 8-month-old child, a journalist, and a writer from Colombia.

“The criminal regime of the Russian Federation continues its terror tactics against peaceful Ukrainians. We will find everyone who gives criminal orders and everyone who carries them out. Punishment is inevitable,” Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin said. Law enforcement officers have started a pre-trial investigation into violations of the laws and customs of war.

On this day in 2022, the Russians hit the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchuk with two missiles. Then, the occupiers killed 21 people and injured 77 others. A year after the tragedy, the occupiers attacked Kramatorsk and hit a summer house near Kremenchuk; the residents of Sumy also heard the explosions.

Cover: National Police of Ukraine

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