Russians discredit cossacks in occupied Ukrainian territories

April 8,2024 984
Russians discredit cossacks in occupied Ukrainian territories

The Russian occupiers systematically distort the historical values of Ukrainians in temporarily occupied territories, writes the National Resistance Center (NRC). Invaders seek to discredit the heritage of the Cossacks, which holds significant importance for the Ukrainian people.

“Moscow occupiers employ all methods to tarnish the image of the Cossacks as a symbol of Ukrainian national freedom and struggle for independence,” states the NRC.

Evidence of such practices is outlined in a recent “study” by ideologist of the Russian world and expansionist Alex Anpilogov. “He claims that it was the Cossack organizations in Donbas that managed to hold back Russian occupation, and only after Russia initiated ‘its’ actions, were they able to bolster the armed forces of the aggressor state. Furthermore, the gauleiter is convinced that Cossack formations can still be mobilized into the ranks of the Russian army,” writes the NRC.

Meanwhile, a law was recently signed in Russia for the creation of a Cossack “mobilization reserve,” which involves compulsory signing of contracts with the Ministry of Defense of Russia, analysts report. “And during the spring conscription, which began in temporarily occupied territories on April 1, two summons will be sent – electronic and paper. It is unknown which one should be followed up at the military commissariat. All to minimize chances of avoiding war,” the text says.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian people remain faithful to their history and cultural values, emphasize experts. “The local population in temporarily occupied territories continues to support and honor the memory of the Cossacks as a symbol of the fight for freedom and independence, not the other way around.”

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