Russians export stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria and Iran

December 1,2023 927
Russians export stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria and Iran

The Russians export Ukrainian grain to Syria and Iran through the ports of the occupied Crimea, the National Resistance Center (NRC) reported.

“The export of grain from the south of Ukraine to the ports of Syria and Iran was observed from the ports of the temporarily occupied Crimea. In particular, the transport of stolen agricultural products is carried out by dry cargoes “Zafar” and “Matros Koshka,” the NRC said.

The Russians take grain from local farmers at a fixed price below the market price and then resell it at the market price. They take the surplus for themselves. At the same time, it is forbidden for farmers to sell products without the permission of the occupiers, explained the NRC.

“The occupiers are carrying out their typical policy, namely robbery and making money in the war,” the NRC noted.

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is deeply concerned about Russia’s actions and calls on the world community to pay attention to Russia’s next crime. The Kremlin is looting Ukraine and using the artificially created food crisis as a tool of pressure and blackmail. Preventing famine anywhere on the planet should be the main goal of joint efforts against Russia.

Russia’s unilateral decision to suspend the Black Sea Grain Initiative and its blockade of Ukrainian seaports, which led to the disruption of global food supply chains, also clearly show that after 90 years, Moscow is once again weaponizing food and starvation,” the UWC emphasized.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia had stolen six million tons of grain from the occupied territories of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. According to a US report on the impact of the Russian invasion on food security, the harvested grain was looted and taken away by the Russians.

Cover: Stringer / Reuters

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