Russians fear Ukrainian sabotage in Crimea

January 31,2024 538
Russians fear Ukrainian sabotage in Crimea

Russians are wary of the new Ukrainian sabotage in Crimea. The Kremlin has instructed the Russian border service to strengthen counterintelligence measures on the administrative border of the temporarily occupied territories in southern Ukraine, according to the National Resistance Center (NRC).

“Special attention is being paid to the protection of automobile and railway bridges between the Chonhar and Crimean peninsulas. This direction ensures support for the military grouping in the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and logistical support for the groupings on the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia fronts,” the NRC says.

After the occupation of the left bank of Kherson Oblast, the Russians did not remove checkpoints on the border with Crimea. The occupiers used these facilities for conducting ‘filtration measures’ on the civilian population.

“At the moment, the Chonhar checkpoint has been additionally equipped with a scanning and monitoring system for vehicles using X-rays. They carefully inspect vehicles with license plates from Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts, both of the Ukrainian and the model introduced by the Russians,” adds the center.

In addition, the Russians have deployed additional forces of the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardiya) to the occupied regions during the preparations for the so-called ‘elections’ of the Russian president, scheduled for March 15-17, as reported by the NRC.

“The police are tasked with ensuring the safety of collaborators from the ‘polling stations’ and for circumventing Ukrainians during the ‘expression of will.’ It is crucial for the Russians to portray a high turnout in the ‘elections,’ so they allowed voting based on residence,” stated the center.

The NRC summarized that by employing this strategy, Russians aim to pressure Ukrainians into voting for the Russian dictator Putin while also shielding the traitors.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a radar station of the Russian air defense system near the village of Rozdolne in the temporarily occupied Crimea on the morning of January 30. Recently, drone attacks on the occupied peninsula have become systematic.

Cover: Maksymenko Oleksandr

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