Russians in Crimea plan cooperation with Taliban

June 6,2024 487
Russians in Crimea plan cooperation with Taliban

The Russians in occupied Crimea plan to establish cooperation with the Taliban, a radical Islamist movement in Afghanistan, writes the National Resistance Center (NRC). The occupiers plan to agree on cooperation at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which takes place from June 5 to 8.

“Terrorists from all countries are uniting in St. Petersburg. … At this event of diplomatic influence of the Russian Federation, which is designed to integrate the Kremlin’s agents into a single whole and break through economic isolation, a meeting of the gauleiter of the temporarily occupied Crimea with the Taliban is planned,” the statement says.

According to the NRC, the parties are expected to sign a memorandum of cooperation. “This includes the participation of Crimean proxies to supply Ukrainian agricultural products to militant-held Afghanistan. The Crimean ROA (Russian occupational army) also expects “tourists” and “investments” from this country,” analysts write.

Instead of successful development of the peninsula, Russians continue to marginalize it and turn it into a military base filled with terrorists, says the NRC.

It was also previously reported that Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó will address the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, as indicated in the event’s program on the website.

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