Saint Javelin Donates US$ 350,000 to Unite With Ukraine for Drone Army

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September 11,2022 1385
Saint Javelin Donates US$ 350,000 to Unite With Ukraine for Drone Army

Unite With Ukraine would like to thank their strategic partner, Saint Javelin for raising US$350,000 in order to help build an “Army of Drones” for Ukraine. The funds were raised by Saint Javelin through sales of its products including t-shirts, badges, stickers and limited edition art prints.

Saint Javelin has been partnering with unite With Ukraine since May 2022 and has proven a vital source of funds for the Unite With Ukraine campaign.

This recent donation of funds is going directly towards procuring and delivering drones to the frontline, in partnership with United 24 and the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Since Saint Javelin started selling items to raise money for the Ukrainian war effort in February 2022, the organization has grown significantly and this week opened its first storefront in Toronto. As well as the usual items available on the Saint Javelin website, this store will also be selling a limited amount of products that have been “Made in Ukraine” from cities such as Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv.

To purchase items from Saint Javelin please visit the store in Toronto or online at

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How has Saint Javelin raised over $1.2 million for Ukraine?

Christian Borys, a Ukrainian-Canadian marketer and former journalist, started Saint Javelin on 16 February, just days before Vladimir Putin launched Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The idea behind the organization started from a popular meme known as Saint Javelin, depicting religious figure Mary Magdalene holding an FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile.

It quickly became a powerful symbol of Ukrainian resistance and encouraged Borys to start printing the image on t-shirts and stickers in order to help raise funds for the country.

“I started this thing to make some sort of small impact. I never had any idea that it would become what it has,” he told Euronews Culture.

“Honestly, I thought I’d sell around 100 of the stickers to my friends and raise around $500. But it just took off like crazy right from the beginning.”

Borys received C$45,000 (approx. €34,000) worth of orders on 24 February, the day Russia invaded, and this figure soon rose to C$170,000 (approx. €129,000) within 24 hours.

As of the beginning of August, the Saint Javelin enterprise has raised more than $1.2 million (approx. €1.1 million) for Ukraine.

“Our mantra is: We’re in business to rebuild Ukraine. So, by making t-shirts, stickers, hats, all that kind of stuff, we can bring the maximum economic benefit back to Ukraine by making those things in Ukraine, and then using our profits to actually support different organizations across Ukraine,” says Borys.

He and his organization do not plan to stop fundraising any time soon.

“We want to become a ‘Made in Ukraine’ brand which appeals to a western audience. We want to stick around and keep it going, because the rebuilding process is going to take decades.”

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