Сall to action: Join the #UkraineInNATO campaign in your city

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June 30,2023 1633
Сall to action: Join the #UkraineInNATO campaign in your city

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls upon all Ukrainian communities, organizations, Ukrainians, and friends of Ukraine abroad to join the global advocacy campaign #UkraineInNATO on the verge of the NATO Summit on 11-12 July 2023 in Vilnius. 

Street rallies, cultural and advocacy events in NATO member countries’ capitals are planned for this and the following weekend. 

We call on all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to:

  • organize rallies in support of Ukraine in the capitals of NATO member states and conduct outreach (download materials);
  • issue statements to the media with key messages (download); 
  • send letters to NATO countries’ governments (download a sample);
  • share visual campaign materials on social media (download).

A clear signal of full-scale, cohesive support for Ukraine and its Euro-Atlantic future in Vilnius will deliver a powerful message to Moscow – that its plan to blackmail and destabilize the Euro-Atlantic community has failed and that it makes no sense for Russia to continue waging its war of aggression against Ukraine.

Join #UkraineInNATO! Support Ukraine on its Euro-Atlantic path!

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