Santa’s Ukrainian miracles on Christmas Eve

December 26,2022 894
Santa’s Ukrainian miracles on Christmas Eve

On Saturday, the Ukrainian Air Forces Command published a screenshot of Flightradar24, which shows that the only flight over Ukraine on Christmas Eve was SANTA1/R3DN053 “North Pole (XMS) – North Pole (XMS).”

“The Air Force of Ukraine welcomes Santa1 to the airspace of Ukraine and guarantees a safe flight!” – wrote the Command on Facebook.

While Santa Claus was flying over Belarus on his way to Ukraine, a Russian MiG-31K, which can carry Kinzhal missiles – the ones that Russia constantly threatens Ukraine with – caught fire at a military airfield near Minsk. It’s hard to say how the fire happened. Either one of Santa’s reindeers stroked the jet with its hoof, or the Russians got to Santa, and he threw a too-powerful firecracker at them. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the Christmas miracle did take place.

This episode may be included in the next part of “The Christmas Chronicles” by Kurt Russell.

Thank you, Santa!

Photo: The Christmas Chronicles (2018), screenshot

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