Saudi Arabia summit curtails differences in perception of fair peace for Ukraine

August 7,2023 1259
Saudi Arabia summit curtails differences in perception of fair peace for Ukraine

The territorial integrity of Ukraine must be preserved – such was the consensus reached by the summit participants in Saudi Arabia. The negotiations in Jeddah lasted two days and brought together about 40 countries worldwide, including the leading players of the West, the BRICS states, and several other representatives of South America, Africa, and Asia. Russia was not invited to participate in the event.

“There was an understanding in Jeddah that respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine should be the basis of any peace agreement, as well as the supremacy of the UN Charter,” Corriere della Sera reported, citing EU sources.

The journalists also say that the summit participants decided to form working groups on the key topics of the 10 points of the Ukrainian “peace formula.” The Wall Street Journal reports that the partner countries have agreed to work in detail on the global consequences of the war and are ready to meet again in the coming weeks.

The Jeddah summit was a continuation of Ukraine’s efforts to restore peace. The first meeting of political advisers was held in Denmark in June but was less successful. Talks in Saudi Arabia were attended by twice as many countries, including China.

“Saudi Arabia has engaged China, and this is a historic victory,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said. Western diplomats say Beijing has played a constructive role in the talks and is crucial to facilitating talks between the two sides as Russia’s main external ally. “China keen to show that [it] is not Russia. The mere presence of China shows Russia is more and more isolated,” the FT quoted an unnamed European diplomat.

“While no date has been set for a third meeting, there was agreement on a two-track process to move forward. Ukraine will continue discussions with foreign ambassadors in Kyiv on peace conditions,” The Wall Street Journal writes.

At the same time, the participating countries agreed that Russia’s war in Ukraine is not purely European but affects food, energy, and economic stability worldwide. Therefore, the sources said all participants will be needed to achieve the final result of the settlement.

“The meeting in Jeddah was a step towards the practical implementation of peace initiatives proposed by Ukraine. Each state participating in the consultations has the opportunity to show leadership in global efforts for peace. And most of them have already defined their role in implementing individual points of the [peace] Formula,” Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine and Head of the Ukrainian delegation, concluded.

Cover: AFP

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