Serhiy Fursa: why Tehran, Beijing and Moscow won in Israel

October 17,2023 565
Serhiy Fursa: why Tehran, Beijing and Moscow won in Israel

Hamas has achieved its goals because it provoked Israel and caused a lot of bloodshed in the Gaza Strip, according to Ukrainian analyst and publicist Serhiy Fursa. Iran, China, and Russia also won in this terrorist attack, while the European Union, Israel, and the United States lost.

“What is the purpose of the terrorist attack? Not the terrorist attack itself, but the reaction to it. Hamas’s goal was to provoke such an emotional reaction in Israel that it would have no choice but to take radical action in response. Cruelty here is not only a feature of terrorists; it is also a tool. And Israel is doing what Hamas wanted to see. Israel takes revenge. Israel reacts emotionally. And Hamas rejoices. And his sponsors are happy,” Fursa writes.

The blood of the Israelis was only a method to achieve the goal of Hamas. The terrorists also wanted the blood of residents of the Gaza Strip. “This blood makes impossible the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel, which should be a breakthrough in the cause of peace in the Middle East. Which could ensure the implementation of the India-Middle East-Europe path, striking a blow at China’s positions,” the analyst explained.

Now the agreement has been broken, and it will be impossible to return to it in the coming years. “The paradox is that everyone understands everything. Saudi Arabia understands that Hamas wanted blood in the Gaza Strip to derail the deal. He understands that Iran is dealing this blow to them with the hands of its allies. Understands, but cannot act otherwise. Israel understands. The US understands. Everyone understands everything. But they can’t fix anything,” Fursa continued.

Israel will not stop because its citizens want revenge. The US can’t do anything at the moment, so they’re just trying to minimize the damage, the analyst says.

“China is happy. Iran is happy. Putin is happy. All of them place the responsibility on Israel, taking the same position and playing with the left in the West, who are also used to repeating the techniques of the Comintern (nothing new, this has happened many times already) about the Israeli military and the suffering children of Palestinians. Although it is they who rejoice more than anyone else in the blood spilled in the Gaza Strip,” Fursa explained.

This is how the blood business works, the analyst says. “What is the moral? None. Just the facts. Western civilization has lost this round. The Axis of Evil is celebrating. And we can only hope that this defeat, not in the final battle, but in the interim, will make someone in Washington sober up and remember that history is not over, and they cannot make the final point. And Russia’s war against Ukraine is part of this battle, and the axis of evil must be punished. The axis of evil, which is celebrating today…”, Fursa concluded.