Sign the petition to include HOLODOMOR in English language dictionaries #deeptruth

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July 21,2020 155

Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls for all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to support a campaign to get the term HOLODOMOR included in all major English language dictionaries.

The innovative campaign was launched on July 21 by the Holodomor National Awareness Tour (HNAT), a project of the Canada Ukraine Foundation. It features a 75 second video made using deepfake technology and revealing the truth of former Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin’s role in ordering the forced starvation of untold millions of Ukrainians, and the subsequent cover-up of this atrocity.

We’re asking for your support to share the campaign widely, and to sign the petition. You can access the petition on the website, where you can also view the deepfake video and posters.

Help raise awareness of the Holodomor, increase the number of countries that recognize it as an act of genocide, and unmask the truth about modern-day genocides that continue to be perpetrated around the world today.


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