“Signal” messenger users targeted by scammers

June 25,2024 344
“Signal” messenger users targeted by scammers

There has been a notable rise in fraudulent activities involving the popular messaging app Signal, which is widely used by the public and volunteer communities in Ukraine and globally. Scammers are exploiting this platform to access confidential user information. A typical scam involves messages that appear to originate from a Signal support account named “Support Signal.” These messages falsely alert users to “inappropriate activity” on their devices, claiming that unauthorized access to their messaging apps has led to criminal access to their content.

Subsequently, the scammers attempt to deceive users into undergoing a “user verification procedure to prevent data leakage.” Signal’s official representatives have clarified that such messages are entirely fraudulent and should not be trusted.

“This is not from Signal. It’s an unknown number trying to scam you. You can use Signal’s feature to block inadvertent messages that appear when you open a chat,” states the official message.

To remove the message, select “Block” and then “Report spam and block.”

Note that the Signal support service logo should always match the official image exactly. All verified social media and messenger accounts should have a blue checkmark next to them. Here is what the scammers’ messages look like:

Please note that the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) does not collect any financial contributions through messengers. Please be cautious and do not disclose your personal information or financial details to unknown individuals.

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