Slovakia officially calls Russia a state supporting terrorism

February 17,2023 532
Slovakia officially calls Russia a state supporting terrorism

The National Council of the Slovak Republic on Thursday adopted a resolution designating the current Russian regime as terrorist and Russia as a state supporting terrorism, the Slovak parliament reported on its official website.

Slovak MPs once again condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine and expressed support for its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. They condemned Russia’s large-scale attacks on the civilian population, civilian facilities and critical energy infrastructure and Russia’s direct and indirect threats to use nuclear weapons.

According to the resolution, Slovakia does not recognize the proceedings or the results of the referendums in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhya Oblasts of Ukraine while considering the territories to remain part of Ukraine. Parliament also expressed support for efforts to establish a special tribunal for the prosecution of crimes of aggression and support for the prosecution of crimes against humanity and war crimes.

At the same time, the National Council also condemns the hybrid war waged by Russia on Slovakia’s territory. It calls on law enforcement, secret services and other competent authorities not to underestimate the threat but take effective measures against it to maintain security and democracy in Slovakia.

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