Slovakia threatens to block Ukraine’s accession to NATO

December 21,2023 1875
Slovakia threatens to block Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico has spoken against Ukraine’s NATO membership, suggesting that Kyiv’s accession to the Alliance would lead to the Third World War. 

“It is not surprising that the party that holds the majority in the Slovak government would not agree to Ukraine’s NATO membership, as it would be the beginning of the third world war,” Fico stated in an interview with InfoVojna.

Fico stated that Slovakia would veto decisions as long as “I [Fico] have the ability to influence the Slovak political scene.” At the same time, the Slovak Prime Minister is convinced that Ukraine will never join NATO. Additionally, Fico believes that Ukraine needs years to join the European Union, but he will not oppose this accession.

“If making such an overrated political gesture is needed to support Ukraine, I have no problem with it… but it must fulfill all the conditions,” concluded Fico.

It’s worth noting that the notion of the start of the Third World War as a way to halt assistance to Ukraine is often used by Russian propaganda. Occupiers spread fake news that the Alliance is practically preparing for the third world war, primarily against Russia, according to the StopFake project, which exposes false information about Ukraine and other countries.

On October 25, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová approved the new government of Slovakia, headed by Robert Fico, known for a series of anti-Ukrainian statements. Key positions in Slovakia’s new government were also filled by politicians unsupportive of Kyiv.

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