Snyder: Russia has to lose

September 22,2023 1749
Snyder: Russia has to lose

Russia has to lose the war and bear collective responsibility for crimes in Ukraine, said American historian Timothy Snyder in an interview with European Pravda.

They [Russians] have to lose, they have to lose this war, and they have to know that they lost this war. So, this is not why Ukrainians fight. But the best thing to do for Russia is to make sure they lose,” Snyder said, asked what responsibility the Russians should bear.

However, history shows that the time of reckoning for an empire like Russia comes only after the imperial project collapses, Snyder emphasized.

Timothy Snyder gave an exclusive interview to European Pravda during his visit to Kyiv in early September. In the conversation, the historian also touched on the topic of the genocide of Ukrainians. Snyder is sure that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine and is doing it systematically. And the current war has a connection even with the 1933 Holodomor.

And again, this [the war] has to do with the south [of Ukraine]. When I look at this war and Russia destroying the port of Mariupol, controlling the other Azov ports, and trying to destroy the port in Odesa, attacking the ports on the Danube, mining fields of Ukrainian farmers, flooding the plains south of Nova Kakhovka… All of these things have to do with causing hunger,” Snyder said.