Stand with Ukraine: UWC launches global campaign for February 24

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January 24,2024 3230
Stand with Ukraine: UWC launches global campaign for February 24

January 24, 2024, Toronto, Canada – The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is launching the global StandWithUkraine advocacy campaign and a wave of rallies linked to February 24. The campaign’s goal is to draw the world’s attention to Russia’s war on Ukraine and to strengthen support for Ukraine from global governments and civil societies. 

“Without international support, Ukraine is in danger,” stated UWC President Paul Grod, “and it’s our responsibility to ensure that support is there. In these uneasy times, we must stand strong, united and do our part responsibly. Ukraine needs all of our voices, support and pull, around the world.”

The UWC urges governments to create the means to identify, freeze, and seize Russian assets and to transfer them to Ukraine. The confiscation of Russian assets, together with continued military support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, will weaken the Kremlin’s ability and motivation to wage war.

In the weeks ahead, many public events are scheduled to occur in parliaments and government bodies worldwide. These activities include public rallies, educational events, and special programs dedicated to addressing the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Stand With Ukraine! Participate in the local rally in your city, uniting with the global Ukrainian community.

Join in 3 simple steps:

  1. Save the date for your event
  2. Register your event
  3. Share your event promo materials or download UWC’s pre-made templates. 

By following these simple steps, you can effectively spread the information within your local community and media networks, encouraging maximum attendance on February 24.

Take advantage of the UWC-designed social media banners and videos related to the events on February 24. Share these visuals within your community and forward them to media outlets in your country to enhance outreach and awareness.

Register your event here

Download materials using the following link.

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