StandWithUkraine: UWC’s key talking points for global campaign

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February 15,2024 702
StandWithUkraine: UWC’s key talking points for global campaign

The Ukrainian World Congress has prepared key talking points for the rallies and events being held within the framework of UWC’s global advocacy campaign StandWithUkraine, marking the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, in a war that has been ongoing for 10 years.

The global campaign is aimed at supporting Ukraine and its key priorities: the transfer of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine, providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with more weapons, and the return of Ukrainian children deported by Russia.

For example, in response to calls for peace talks with Russia, it is crucial to emphasize that the Kremlin has no intention of ending its aggression and that its expansionist plans go beyond  Ukraine. “Any compromises with the Russian Federation and attempts to appease the aggressor will only contribute to the further spread of aggression in the world, the proliferation of instability, and the increasing outbreaks of new military conflicts. Instead of the rule of law, Moscow seeks to impose the rule of power on the world, so other authoritarian regimes will perceive any ‘reconciliation’ of the democratic world with Russia as a sign of weakness and vulnerability of democracies.”

The key talking points and comprehensive “questions and answers” are available by following  the link.

In countries where mass gatherings are prohibited or holding them is unsafe, the UWC suggests organizing flash mobs in Ukrainian cultural centers, churches, and Ukrainian Saturday and Sunday schools, as well as promoting pro-Ukrainian ideas on social media.

The UWC also calls on Ukrainian communities and organizations worldwide to register their peaceful rallies and events on February 24, 2024, on the special page of the global advocacy campaign StandWithUkraine by UWC. To join StandWithUkraine, register your rally as part of the global UWC campaign. You can do this by following the link.

If you have already registered an event and want to attract worldwide attention from society and media, upload your materials using the link.

If you are still planning an event, choose UWC materials that can be easily adapted to the language of your country and your rally. To download materials, use the link.

A video tutorial on how to create a poster for your event using materials prepared by the UWC can be found at this link.

The UWC also prepared a template letter of appeal to governments that Ukrainian communities and organizations worldwide can use as part of the global advocacy campaign. You can download a sample letter of appeal at the following link. 

For any questions, contact the UWC via email at [email protected]. Join the UWC campaign. Let’s unite the world in solidarity with Ukraine!

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