#StandWithUkraine wave is growing: new actions and photos from last week

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February 22,2022 283
#StandWithUkraine wave is growing: new actions and photos from last week

Over the past week, Ukrainian communities from Europe and continents around the world have joined the call to support Ukraine – #StandWithUkraine. In addition to memorial services and commemoration of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, mass street rallies, protests near Russian embassies, and marches with Ukrainian flags have been held in capital cities around the world. The participants of the rallies stressed the strengthening of sanctions against Russia and the need for sustained support for Ukraine.

On February 22, organized by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress supporters gathered at the Ukrainian Consulate in Etobicoke in response to reports of a Russian invasion. Read about the action in Toronto Star here, see more photos here.

The Ukrainian community in Praha, Czech, held a street rally on February 22. Famous Czech actress Eva Holubová joined the event.

Photo by Petr Zewlakk Vrabec

A series of large-scale rallies took place on Sunday, February 20, in major US cities, including Boston, San Francisco, and Washington. The events were co-organized by the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America, United Help Ukraine, Ukrainian American Veterans, US Ukrainian Activists, Razom for Ukraine, House of Ukraine, Ukrainian Freedom Foundation, other Ukrainian-American organizations, and representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

Watch the video report and read about the action in Boston here. The Washington Post wrote about the seas of yellow and blue as hundreds of people gathered near the Lincoln Memorial in support of Ukraine last weekend. Read the article here.

In major cities in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, and Brisbane, marches were held calling to stop Putin now. UWC First Vice President Stefan Romaniw commented on the action in The West Australia. Read the article.

On February 20, the Ukrainian folk group Poltava from Curitiba, Brazil, held a solemn action in solidarity and support of the Ukrainian people in their struggle for sovereignty and territorial integrity.


Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine gathered in Zurich, Switzerland to rally in support of Ukraine.


A powerful protest was held in front of the Russian Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pavlo Sadokha, UWC Regional Vice President and President of the Ukrainian Union in Portugal, was interviewed on CNN Portugal. He thanked Portuguese President Marcelo Souzí and other political and faith leaders for their condemnation of Putin’s actions. Watch the interview here (in Portuguese).

The Association of Ukrainians in Poland held a #StandWithUkraine rally in support of Ukraine in the central square of Kraków.

In Berlin, Germany, a large-scale rally took place at the Brandenburg Gate to show solidarity with Ukraine. The event was co-organized by the Central Association of Ukrainians in Germany and Kyiv Dialogue. The Ukrainian community was joined by German politicians and friends from the Belarusian, Georgian, Polish communities.

A march to protect the sovereignty of Ukraine was held in Paris, France. They were joined by Lithuanians, Poles, Georgians, Chechens, and Cubans.

In Budapest, Hungary, Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine commemorated the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and called for protection for Ukraine.

On February 18, the Ukrainian community in Estonia held a street rally in support of Ukraine near the Russian Embassy in Tallinn. Find out more here.

Photo by Marie-Ann Kelam