Statement on the 2nd anniversary of Russia’s full scale invasion and 10 years of war against Ukraine

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February 24,2024 446
Statement on the 2nd anniversary of Russia’s full scale invasion and 10 years of war against Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine.

Today, the world is facing the biggest threat to global peace and security since WW2. As we mark the 2nd anniversary of Russia’s full scale brutal genocidal invasion and 10 years of war against Ukraine, it is critical that we swiftly and resolutely secure Ukraine’s victory.

Ukraine’s brave soldiers has successfully held back Russia’s murderous army; they have destroyed half of Russia’s military capability including 20% of its Black Sea fleet – even without a navy. They are motivated and ingenious in their defense of their families and homeland. I have no doubt that Ukraine can and will be victorious.

The current situation, however, is dire. Partisan politics fueled by Russian disinformation and influence in a number of allied countries is being prioritized over the lives of innocent Ukrainians and global peace and security. Insufficient military support has made the situation precarious for Ukraine. The world’s most ruthless regimes such as North Korean, Iran and China who stand the most to gain from Russia’s victory over Ukraine and its EuroAtlantic allies, have ensured Russia has all the necessary fire power to unleash a daily rain of fire on Ukraine. In recent weeks this has caused significant losses of Ukrainian lives and territory. These territories occupied by Russia become torture chambers and indoctrination camps for the Ukrainians left behind. We remember the tortures, rapes, and killings committed by Russian troops in liberated cities such as Bucha. These are taking place today in Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine.

Today we call upon all peace loving people to stand with Ukraine until victory. The cost to us today is a fraction of the long-term costs we will be paying as Russia expands its empire. We must stop this genocide and restore international order.

Negotiation is not an option. Putin and his Russian cronies have publicly and on multiple occasions made their intentions clear – first they intend to occupy Ukraine and erase the Ukrainian nation, second they intend to reassert control over their former Baltic and Eastern European territories. There is no negotiation and peace until Russia is defeated and Ukrainian’s internationally recognized territories are restored.

Our goal is clear. Let’s stay focused and engaged everyday until Ukraine is victorious.

Glory to Ukraine and its brave people! Slava Ukraini!

Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian World Congress

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