Stefan Romaniw to Sky News: Want a Better World? Support Ukraine

April 9,2024 466
Stefan Romaniw to Sky News: Want a Better World? Support Ukraine

The defeat of Ukraine in the war would signify the beginning of Russia’s dominance in the world – to halt future mass terror, the world must support Ukraine, stated Stefan Romaniw, the UWC First Vice President and Co-Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO), in an interview with Sky News.

If you want Russian dominance, if you want Putin to be running this world, don’t support Ukraine,” Romaniw said.

Previously, Australia was one of the leaders in supporting Ukraine, but currently, the levels of assistance have significantly decreased. “Until now, Ukraine has had bipartisan support from Australia. The international community needs to do more. So we thank the Australian government for what has been done, but we call for much more to be done,” emphasized the UWC Vice President.

Ukraine is winning and capable of winning, but it needs help. Despite various conflicts happening in the world today, the war in Ukraine is decisive, Romaniw stressed. “This war is raging. It’s gone off the front pages. We’re saying, “It needs to stay on the front page because it’s very important for Ukraine to win, if you want a better world,” said the UWC Vice President.

Cover: Sky News