Stop Russia’s genocide against Ukraine – urgent call for more arms and strangling Russia’s economy

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April 3,2022 356
Stop Russia’s genocide against Ukraine – urgent call for more arms and strangling Russia’s economy

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls upon NATO to immediately provide Kyiv with the heavy offensive weapons it needs to stop the Russian genocide of Ukrainians.

“The massacre of local civilians witnessed in Bucha is a horror that has been taking place throughout Ukraine. This is happening in all Russian-occupied territories. It is clearly a genocide and the epitome of evil,” said UWC President Paul Grod.

“The Russian Army and Putin are war criminals that must be stopped. Those that support this evil, sit silent, or continue to do business with Russia are complicit in these crimes. We are calling on NATO member states to give Ukraine planes, tanks, and weapons to stop this genocide. All civilized countries must stop funding war crimes and shut down Russia’s economy,” he continued.

Russia has a long history of mass violence against Ukrainians and other ethnic groups. It is clear that Putin’s regime is intent on destroying Ukraine as a country, and Ukrainians as a people.
“The international community must firmly stand with Ukraine and provide it with the weapons it needs to defend itself, to stop this genocide,” said the UWC President.

UWC calls upon all civilized people to:
• Immediately provide Ukraine with the weapons needed to stop this Russian genocide.
• Total economic embargo on all trade with Russia, including oil and gas. Close all borders and ports to Russian goods. Revoke visas for all Russian citizens. Remove all Russian institutions from SWIFT. Freeze all Russian assets around the world.
• Expel Russia from all international institutions and terminate diplomatic relations.


Ukraine will not give up this fight and we, as representative of global Ukrainian communities, call on all civilized people to unite with Ukraine in this moment, act now, demand your government’s give Ukraine more weapons and pursue war crimes prosecution against Putin, Russia’s leadership, all members of the Russian Army who are responsible or complicit in these horrific atrocities.

UWC urges all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine to
• Immediately write to your respective governments and elected officials calling to stop Russia’s war and support Ukraine (sample letter)
• Host immediate public rallies in support of Ukraine
• Share the truth about Russia’s war against Ukraine with the media in your country
• Boycott all Russian goods and services

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