Stranger Things: Russian soldiers disappear in Crimea

October 26,2023 1439
Stranger Things: Russian soldiers disappear in Crimea

Russian military members began to disappear in the occupied Crimea. Currently, Russian military police are working in Dzhankoi to guarantee the safety of the personnel of the invaders, representatives of the Atesh partisan movement reported.

“This is connected with the disappearance of the military in the city. In connection with this, all Russian servicemen were obliged to move around the city in groups,” the partisans explained.

Apart from that, Atesh recorded the arrival of a party of mobilized people in Dzhankoi. “It became known that the mobilized are not fed and are simply not considered human,” the partisans said. The resistance movement continues to work in occupied Crimea, Atesh emphasized.

In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian special forces base in Crimea on October 25, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN citing sources writes. “Seven sources in the General Staff said the Black Sea Fleet, the Sevastopol “government” and among the military in the city, the base was attacked by two missiles and one drone,” the journalists say.

The object is located “at some distance from Sevastopol, in a deserted place, plus it was already dark at the time of the impact,” sources say. Russian military training took place at the base. Soldiers were being trained there, who were soon to be sent to the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts. The attack caused significant losses among the personnel of the occupiers, the journalists added.

Earlier, the Institute for the Study of War reported that Russian troops are preparing for defense in the south of Ukraine. The invaders are waiting for battles in the occupied part of the Kherson Oblast, as well as Crimea.

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