Sweden and Germany provide new aid to Ukraine

August 18,2023 1323
Sweden and Germany provide new aid to Ukraine

Sweden will provide ammunition, trucks, and equipment to Ukraine. The total cost of the aid package is EUR 270 million, the country’s parliament reported.

“Kyiv will receive ammunition and spare parts worth up to SEK 1.1 billion [approximately EUR 90 million], as well as trucks and demining equipment worth up to SEK 2.15 billion [approximately EUR 180 million],” the Riksdag, the Swedish Parliament, explained.

The Riksdag also passed a decision to authorize the government to sell AMRAAM air-to-air missiles to the United States. Later, the weapons will be delivered to Ukraine.

“This decision means that the expenditure on defense and preparedness for crisis situations in the Swedish state budget will increase by SEK 545 million (EUR 46 million) in 2023,” the Swedish Parliament explained.

Meanwhile, Germany delivered two more IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine. The new military aid package for Ukraine’s Armed Forces includes smoke shells, ten Ground Observer 12 radars for counter-battery warfare, and other equipment, Germany’s Ministry of Defense said.

“The new package includes: 2 IRIS-T launchers, 4,539 155 mm smoke ammunition, GO12 surveillance radars, 4 8×8 НХ81 tractors and 4 semi-trailers, 8 15-ton trucks,” the German Ministry of Defense stated.

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