Sweden officially becomes NATO member

March 8,2024 787
Sweden officially becomes NATO member

Sweden officially became the newest member of NATO on March 7. The country submitted its accession document to the North Atlantic Treaty to the United States government in Washington for safekeeping. NATO now comprises 32 countries.

Ukrainian World Congress extends our most sincere greetings to the government and people of Sweden on this great day. From now on, the Kingdom becomes a part of NATO’s collective defense. The addition of Sweden not only fortifies the North Atlantic Alliance but also enhances security across Europe. This is particularly crucial for the Baltic Sea region, which faces ongoing threats from Russia.

As Ukrainians, we hope that Ukraine will follow Finland’s and Sweden’s paths and join the Alliance as soon as possible. United, we will stop the Russian evil and secure peace!

Having Sweden as a NATO Ally will make the United States and our Allies even safer,” stated the White House.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that the country has become more protected from Russian aggression. “When the security of one country is guaranteed, and that country is truly capable of strengthening collective security, everyone wins. This principle has been consistently working throughout NATO’s existence, and I believe it will continue to do so,” said Zelenskyy.

During Russia’s aggression against everything that made Europe peaceful and united, everyone sees how crucial it is to support alliances and partnerships, strengthen one’s own security, and care for the safety of neighbors, according to the Ukrainian president.

“Sweden is a strong ally and a country that can be trusted. I welcome everyone in Sweden and everyone in the Euro-Atlantic space. Ukraine has always principledly supported Sweden in its movement towards NATO, and I thank Sweden for supporting our state. There will be a day when Sweden can congratulate Ukraine on joining the alliance. Together, we are always stronger,” emphasized Zelenskyy.

Sweden’s accession to NATO is also expected to secure increased support for Ukraine in the war against Russia. In particular, the country’s defense minister, Pål Jonson, previously stated that after full NATO membership, Sweden is ready to provide Ukraine with modern Gripen fighter jets.

Cover: Andrew Caballer-Reynolds, AFP

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