Takeaways from President Zelensky’s national address July 6

July 7,2022 268
Takeaways from President Zelensky’s national address July 6

Our defense forces are striking warehouses and other points that are important for the logistics of the occupiers. And this significantly reduces the offensive potential of the Russian army. The losses of the occupiers will only increase every week, as will the difficulty of supplying them.

Ukrainian forces are currently advancing in several tactical directions, in particular, in the south – in the Kherson region – in the Zaporizhzhya region. We will not give up our land – the entire sovereign territory of Ukraine will be Ukrainian.

The Prime Minister of Ireland visited Kyiv, a country that helps us significantly. Ireland even helped us to convince representatives of skeptical states in the European Union that Ukraine deserves candidacy and further membership in the EU. In addition, we remember that the Senate of Ireland recognized the crimes of the Russian occupiers as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

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