Terrorism must be defeated everywhere – Markarova

November 7,2023 369
Terrorism must be defeated everywhere – Markarova

The war against terrorism must be won everywhere – in particular, in Ukraine, as well as in Israel. The world cannot afford to lose its vigilance in any of the regions, said Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, in an interview with CBS News.

Americans, like Ukrainians, understand how important it is to restore peace on fair terms, Markarova believes.

We cannot let aggressive, terroristic, non-democratic country to win, which just started a war of choice with no provocation. This is a violation of international law, but it’s also a violation of principles on which America has built, the values of Americans, but also what we are trying to build our country on. So we have to win. And America has to win in this one,” Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States said.

In addition, the world cannot allow Russia to deceive itself in the context of supposed peace talks. The Kremlin does not plan to negotiate – only to destroy Ukraine; this is Russia’s goal, Markarova said.

“And we see it on the battlefield. And we see it in all the, if you can call them diplomatic interactions of their ambassadors. But no, you know, their intent is very clear. They are bombing civilians. … They bomb in our country everywhere. They are preparing, of course to bomb us even more during the winter. And they are trying everything possible on the long frontline to achieve some kind of military goal. People who want to negotiate these first stop their aggressive war, get out from our country, and then negotiate,” Markarova emphasized. 

The ambassador of Ukraine to the USA also thanked the Americans for helping Ukraine and urged them not to stop. “We understand that we need much more to win now. But we also need to build our future force because even after we win, Russia is not going to disappear somewhere. And they will continue to be a threat, not only to us, but to European Union, to the US, to everyone, to transatlantic community,” Markarova summarized. 

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