The chief Ukrainian spy makes projections for the year 2023

January 2,2023 1194
The chief Ukrainian spy makes projections for the year 2023

Kyrylo Budanov believes that in 2023, the war in Ukraine will end with Ukraine’s victory. According to the Head of Ukrainian Intelligence, we should expect this good news in the second half of 2023 or closer to its end.

In the interview, the Defense Intelligence chief noted that many factors would affect the victory, but, in his forecasts, Budanov relies on processes already launched that will bear fruit in the future.

“Victory for Ukraine will be the return to the internationally recognized borders of 1991, but all the processes will not end there and will continue for a long time,” said Budanov, but did not specify which processes were in question.

Video interview:

  • 00:00 – Introduction;
  • 00:24 – How many missiles does Russia have left for massive strikes on Ukraine? Is Russia ready to launch its entire supply of missiles over Ukraine?
  • 04:48 – To what extent can Russia provide its military with shells and weapons?
  • 09:25 – Explosions at the airfield in Russian Engels: what happened?
  • 12:50 – What does the end of the motor resource mean for Russia?
  • 13:39 – Is there a large aircraft fleet in Russia?
  • 15:52 – Why did Budanov visit Bakhmut?
  • 18:40 – How long will the mobilization in Russia last?
  • 19:56 – Why are the Armed Forces destroying less Russian equipment at the front lately?
  • 20:43 – What happens in the Russian barracks, and why do they periodically burn?
  • 21:58 – Do the Russians support the war against Ukraine? Why is Russian propaganda bursting at the seams?
  • 25:39 – What kind of map hangs in Budanov’s office?
  • 29:33 – What will 2023 be like for Ukraine?
  • 34:19 – What should victory be like for Ukraine?
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