Czechia recognizes the Russian regime as terrorist

November 17,2022 523
Czechia recognizes the Russian regime as terrorist

The Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, passed a resolution Tuesday that called the current Russian regime terrorist, according to the Chamber of Deputies official site. The document was supported by 129 MPs of the 156 present, while all 14 legislators from the opposition Freedom and Direct Democracy movement, a right-wing populist party, voted against it.

The resolution preamble mentions “Russia’s escalating aggression in Ukraine, crimes against the Ukrainian civilian population and support for the establishment of a special international criminal tribunal to investigate war crimes committed by the armed forces and security forces of the Russian Federation.”

The MPs condemned, in particular, the “large-scale attacks on the civilian population, civilian objects and key energy infrastructure, which are an obvious attempt to achieve political goals through intimidation of the civilian population and correspond to terrorist methods.”

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