The International “Svichka molinnia” Campaign launched by the UWC

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November 22,2010 180

International Holodomor Committee

November 22, 2010



The International “Svichka molinnia” Campaign launched by the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) will culminate on November 27, 2010, Holodomor Memorial Day. The campaign, whose slogan is “Keep the flame alive in memory,” is dedicated to honouring the memories of millions of innocent victims of the 1932-33 Holodomor and providing the international community with information concerning the real causes of the Holodomor. 

The campaign is being coordinated by a joint committee of representatives of the Ukrainian World Congress and Ukraine, headed by the Chairman of UWC’sInternational Holodomor Awareness Committee Stefan Romaniw and the former director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Ihor Yukhnovsky with the participation of prominent civic activists Ivan Vasyunyk and Volodymyr Vyatrovych.

In the days prior to this solemn anniversary, various events will be held in Ukraine and the countries of the Ukrainian Diaspora including academic conferences, film screenings, presentation of exhibits on the topic of the Holodomor and publication of reports in the media. Signs reading “1932-33 Holodomor – genocide of Ukrainians” and other symbols of this tragic page in the history of the Ukrainian people will be prominently displayed and flags of mourning will be raised on governmental and community buildings and Ukrainians’ homes.

On Saturday, November 27, memorial services and requiems will be held in Ukrainians churches around the world to mark Holodomor Memorial Day.

On this day the “1932–33 Holodomor was genocide. Let us remember” action will take place in Kyiv. At 14:30 people will form ahuman chain around the National Holodomor Memorial. At 16:00, candles will be lit ahead of memorial events beside the National Holodomor Memorial and across Ukraine.

Additional information about the events in Ukraine is available on the website:

Candles of memory and regular candles will be lit during memorial events throughout the Diaspora in memory of those who were killed and never born as a result of this genocide of Ukrainians. In addition, a minute of silence will be observed from 19:32 to 19:33 (7:32 to 7:33 PM) local time as a symbolic representation of the Holodomor years.

UWC calls on all Ukrainians and everybody who shares our peoples’ sorrow, to take active part in the culmination of the International “Svichka Molinnia” Campaign, pray for the innocent victims of the Holodomor and not avoid this difficult and emotionally-challenging topic in this day and age of plenty. We should instead increase awareness about this horrible tragedy and do everything to spread truthful information about the 1932-33 Holodomor.

UWC calls on Ukrainians around the world to sign the Internet petition and send a postcard to President Victor Yanukovych demanding he publicly recognize the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people and ensure the Law of Ukraine “On the Holodomor of 1932-33 in Ukraine,” that establishes the fact of genocide, is enforced.

The Ukrainian World Congress’ International Committee for International Holodomor Awareness requests Ukrainian communities of the Diaspora provide their programs for marking the 77th anniversary of the Holodomor.


Ukraine Remembers – The World Acknowledges!

Stefan Romaniw

Chairman, Ukrainian World Congress Committeefor International Holodomor Awareness

Attached: Events planned in Ukraine for Holodomor Memorial Day




Events in Ukraine forHolodomor Memorial Day 2010


Holodomor Memorial Day, November 27, 2010


16:00 Lighting of candles in memory of millions of Ukrainians killed by the Holodomor


14:30 Human chain around the National Holodomor Memorial in Kyiv. At 16:00 residents of Kyiv and the rest of Ukraine will light memorial candles beside the National Holodomor Memorial. (Meet at “Arsenalna” metro station at 14:30).

16:00 Events honoring the memories of genocide victims will being on the central squares of oblast capitals with the religious and civic leaders and artists participating (a map of events will be available on the website

Memorial services will be held in churches and by religious communities across Ukraine.


Other Holodomor Events in Ukraine


November 24 and 25, 2010

Launch of new publication in Kyiv entitled “Holodomor 1932—1933 in Ukraine: Documents of State Branch Archive of the SBU. Annotated directory“. This publication contains a complete list and brief description of all declassified documents from the 1930s to the 1980s pertaining to the Holodomor. Book launches are also planned for Khmelnytsk (Mezhybizh), Lviv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhya, Chernihiv, Kherson (a map of events will be available on the website

November 20 to 26 – Presentation of «Execution by hunger: unknown genocide of Ukrainians» exhibit prepared by the «Ukraine 3000» International Charitable Foundation.

November 10 to 21 – Chernivtsi and obast, 22–23 – Khmelnytsky, 24–27 – Rivne.

All events are being conducted without the use of political party symbols.


For more information please contact: +38063 628-68-69


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