The Kremlin intends to kill Brahim Saadoun, a citizen of Morocco and a soldier of Ukraine

June 12,2022 447
The Kremlin intends to kill Brahim Saadoun, a citizen of Morocco and a soldier of Ukraine

A 21-year-old Moroccan and his two British brothers in arms are sentenced to death by a court in the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.” Both the court and the republic are faked but the firing squad will be real if possible appeals of the three fail. So let’s put it straight: the Kremlin intends to kill its POWs Brahim Saadoun, Aiden Aslin, and Shaun Pinner by the hands of its puppets – isn’t it sponsorship of terrorism?

Brahim Saadoun is probably the best of the three to illustrate whom Putin calls “Ukrainian Nazis” in Russia’s “war against the West/Anglo-Saxons.”

Brahim was born in 2000 in Morocco, where his family still lives. Speaks Arabic, French, English, and Russian (unlike muscovite soldiers, who speak only one language – obscene Russian). He came to Ukraine and enrolled in the Aerospace Department at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2019. Besides the subjects of his study, Brahim was interested in weaponry and military service, so he signed a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine two years later. There were other reasons for Brahim to drop his studies and join the army. He’d made a lot of friends in Kyiv and took the Ukrainian people’s ideas close to his heart. And he also seemed to be looking for a new future and so he wanted to act immediately.

After the full-scale war broke out, Brahim communicated with his friends with concise but very informative messages first from eastern Ukraine and then besieged Mariupol. He wrote that the Ukrainian forces were fighting and not going to surrender. His last messages came on Apr. 22. In a month, his friends found out that he was captured by the Russians.

Brahim is not a Ukrainian citizen, which makes it formally difficult for Ukraine to intervene (as if it would produce any outcome otherwise). Nevertheless, he and the two Britts were Ukrainian servicemen, not guerillas. And Russia’s puppet “people’s republics” act like ISIS terrorists who publicly executed people. Russia should be recognized a sponsor of terrorism.

Brahim’s friends’ current plan is to draw as wide attention to the situation as possible, calling on the media, the president, and anybody who could help.

Illya Zubarev, a friend of Brahim, says they wanted to live for the day. When Illya once reminded his friend that he was going to the war, Brahim said he was not afraid of dying because he would know that he has lived a good life.

Sources: Suspilne; Politico; and Morocco World News.

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