Scholz: Putin’s “scorched earth tactics” to fail

October 21,2022 330
Scholz: Putin’s “scorched earth tactics” to fail

After Russia’s recent drone and rocket attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz accused Russia of using “scorched earth tactics” but emphasized that it will not help the aggressor win this war, Bild reported yesterday.

“It only strengthens the resolve and perseverance of Ukraine and its partners. In the end, Russia’s bomb and rocket terror is an act of desperation – just like the mobilization of Russian men for the war,” he said in a government statement in the Bundestag on Thursday.

By covering Ukraine with terror and blatantly and irresponsibly threatening to use nuclear weapons, Putin “wants to sow fear, divide and intimidate,” said Scholz. “He speculates on our weakness. But he’s wrong. We are not weak […] Our global alliances are stronger and more alive than ever. Putin will not achieve his war goals.”

Once again, Scholz promised that Germany will support Ukraine as long as it is necessary.

By spring, Germany will train an entire Ukrainian brigade with up to 5,000 soldiers. “We are thus underlining our willingness to participate in the long-term development of strong Ukrainian armed forces – hand in hand with our partners,” the chancellor said.

Scholz also reiterated that there must be a “Marshall Plan” for Ukraine and described the reconstruction of Ukraine after the Russian war of aggression as a “generational task” in which the entire civilized community of states had to join forces.

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