The pedicide state: Russia kills a little girl in its terrorist strike at Vinnytsya

The pedicide state: Russia kills a little girl in its terrorist strike at Vinnytsya

Four-year-old Liza is pushing her stroller down a Vinnytsya street on the way to speech therapist as her mom, Iryna, tries to involve the kid in a chat while shooting a selfie video. In a moment, a Russian missile kills the girl and sends Iryna to an ICU without a leg. The next day, when the mother regains consciousness, she does not stop asking, where is Liza?

Liza is one of three kids that died in the strike, and four more were injured. To reach them, Putin sent his four Kalibr missiles 1,770 kilograms each all the way from the Black Sea. Two of the four were hit by Ukrainian air defense. As of yesterday night, the strike’s death toll was 23. The number might be not final, as 63 persons are still in hospitals, including five in a critical state.

Grieving for all victims of Russia’s new crime against humanity, people in Ukraine and abroad were especially shaken by the barbaric killing of this little girl as they watched the video shot by her mom just moments before the tragedy. And so was Olena Zelenska when she recognized Liza.

“We met while recording a video for the Christmas holidays. Within half an hour, the little brawler managed to paint not only herself and her holiday dress but also all the other children, me, the cameramen, and the director… Look at her alive, please. I’m crying with her close ones,” she wrote on Twitter under the Christmas video.

Russia has killed at least 352 Ukrainian children in its full-scale war on Ukraine. Actually, many more, as this number represents only what has been officially confirmed. UWC righteously calls for recognizing it as a state sponsor of terrorism. The “pedicide state” will be also a suitable label.

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