The Ukrainian World Congress co-organizes conference for Ukrainian educators from 25 countries

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May 21,2021 112
The Ukrainian World Congress co-organizes conference for Ukrainian educators from 25 countries

On May 16, 2021, a virtual conference entitled “Ukrainian education in Canada: New realities,” was successfully held. It featured online masterclasses and was attended by more than 300 educators from 25 countries. 

This forum was organized by the National Education Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the International Educational Coordinating Council (IECC) of the Ukrainian World Congress. Conference participants were able to view presentations and take part in workshops conducted by leading educators from the diaspora and Ukraine who are working on new educational standards. In particular, the presenters shared their experiences adapting to new realities, how they were able to improve themselves and help students, the difficulties of working in the new virtual educational reality, and how to overcome these obstacles. Each of the 32 presentations revealed strategies for successful teaching, inspired new achievements, and strengthened faith in oneself. The topics of presentations and masterclasses covered different age and program levels and were designed for Saturday and native schools of the diaspora. The keynote speakers highlighted the trends, needs, and news of modern Ukrainian pedagogy and the role of Ukrainian Canadian relations in the international educational sphere. 

“We have seen how Ukrainian Education is moving to a new and much higher level! The conference brought together participants from 25 different countries, who are united by one goal, mission, and dream – to make Ukrainian education even larger, more progressive, even more incredible, and even more interesting for our students,” said Oksana Levytska, Chair of IECC. 

More information about the conference can be found at 

Thanks from the conference participants 


Natalia and Tamara Korolyuk – Native school at the Ukrainian Society “Renaissance” Branch Avejaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

“We would like to sincerely thank the UWC for inviting us to the virtual teachers’ conference and for sponsoring our team. It was very interesting for us, we learned a lot!. We are very enthusiastic because this was the first time that we took part in such an attentive and very useful meeting for Ukrainian schoolchildren.” 






Inna Felde, Olena Hnatyuk, Olga Mazur, Lyudmila Murad, Tetyana Waldheim – Ukrainian Saturday School “Sun in the Palms” at the Ukrainian Society of Frankfurt and Main, Germany 

The Ukrainian Society of Frankfurt and Main and the teaching staff of the Ukrainian Saturday School “Sun in the Palms” are especially grateful to the UWC for inviting and sponsoring our team and the opportunity to gain experience at the virtual conference.  

Lyudmila Murad: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the opportunity to attend such a wonderful conference of colleagues from around the world! The information provided by the speakers was relevant and useful, and I am deeply moved by the organization and desire to cooperate. In connection with distance learning, many of us have faced the urgency of reforming the methodological complex of presentation of material in the classroom in search of new technical opportunities, and you have helped us a lot. Now there is an incentive to continue to seek the common goal!” 

Russian Federation 

Lydia Kovalev – Head of the Interregional Branch of the Union of Ukrainian Women of the Urals 

The Interregional Branch of the Union of Ukrainian Women of the Urals sincerely thanks the UWC and the National Education Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for the opportunity to learn about new modern technologies and approaches to teaching Ukrainian studies and the wonderful achievements of experienced teachers. The acquired knowledge is very important for us, as we are now working on the establishment of the first virtual Ukrainian Saturday school in Russia. Special thanks to WFUWO, which became was a sponsor for the representatives of our Union. 


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