The UWC delegation will join the Summit of the International Crimea Platform in Zagreb

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October 18,2022 780
The UWC delegation will join the Summit of the International Crimea Platform in Zagreb

On October 24, during the Summit of the International Crimea Platform in Zagreb, the delegation of the Ukrainian World Congress will take part in expert-level collaboration with about 400 political figures from around the world.

In particular, the President of the UWC, Paul Grod, will focus his Summit presentation on the narratives about Crimea that affect Western societies’ formation of policies regarding the troubled peninsula and Ukraine, as well as shape attitudes towards Russia’s past and the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Delegations from more than 50 countries and institutions are invited to participate in the First Parliamentary Summit of the Crimea Platform. Ukraine also invited countries that are not members of the Platform, in particular, countries from South America, Africa, and Asia.

In parallel with the main program – the plenary session – the Summit will also host discussion panels for parliamentarians from various countries, Croatian government officials, Ukrainian government officials, international experts, and media personas. Such discussions are expected to focus on the situation in occupied Crimea after the start of the full-scale invasion, and the parameters of Crimea’s reintegration into Ukraine. It is especially important that these discussions will take place in Croatia, the host country, given its invaluable experience in reintegration issues.

The goal of the Crimea Platform is to end the occupation of Crimea and contribute to European and global security.

On August 23, 2021, the Ukrainian World Congress joined the Declaration of the Crimea Platform and joined the 44 states that participated in the inaugural summit of the Crimea Platform in Kyiv.

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