“The Will to Win” mini-film series launches ahead of Paris Olympics

July 5,2024 608
“The Will to Win” mini-film series launches ahead of Paris Olympics

As part of the “The Will to Win” project for the Paris Olympic Games, screenings of documentary films have started. This initiative highlights the remarkable determination and resilience of Ukrainian athletes who, despite facing the dramatic challenges of war, personal losses, and suffering, overcome numerous obstacles to demonstrate their unwavering resolve to the world.

In particular, a film about Ukrainian gymnast Viktoriia Onopriienko is already available for viewing. “If you think and dream even more, and visualize the day of the end of the Olympic Games, the final walk onto the Olympic carpet. I really want to raise our flag, and I imagine how it rises. I would like to dedicate my victory and medal to all defenders of our country and to my dad,” said the athlete.

On June 26, in anticipation of the 2024 Olympics, a multimedia exhibition entitled “The Will to Win” was unveiled, celebrating the unyielding spirit of Ukrainian Olympians. Organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and supported by the Office of the President of Ukraine, this significant cultural initiative has been made possible through a partnership with the Ukrainian World Congress and the Ukrainian-American Coordinating Council.

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