Timothy Snyder calls to help the Ukrainian armed forces via Unite with Ukraine

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March 17,2022 500
Timothy Snyder calls to help the Ukrainian armed forces via Unite with Ukraine

Timothy Snyder, ​​the Richard C. Levin professor of history at Yale University, calls for support for the Ukrainian armed and territorial defense forces through donations, particularly to the Ukrainian World Congress initiative Unite with Ukraine, which focuses on providing protective and medical equipment for Ukraine’s defenders.

“A new initiative, Unite with Ukraine makes it very easy for people in North America to donate medical supplies, fuel, night-vision goggles, vests, and communications systems to the people serving in the army and territorial defense.  This is via the Ukrainian World Congress,” Snyder highlighted.

“My kids ask me what these Ukrainian friends are doing, and I tell them.  In a better world, one without this idiotic, criminal invasion, these young Ukrainians would be researching, teaching, working in their businesses, spending time with their families.  I would rather imagine them at peace.  But I don’t have trouble imagining them at war.  It’s their country, it’s been invaded.  They know that Putin aims to destroy Ukraine as a state and nation… I understand this.  And I want them to return healthy to the people who love them,” he explained.

An initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress, #UniteWithUkraine is a global fundraising initiative that enables anyone, anywhere to show their support for the Ukrainian people as they fight for freedom, human rights and democracy. For more information or to donate, please visit