Tom Cooper: Western politics is Zombie Idiotism

April 12,2024 274
Tom Cooper: Western politics is Zombie Idiotism

by Tom Cooper, Austrian aerial warfare analyst and historian. Source

Think it’s about the time for me to adapt to these modern times. Some of you might know how it is: one grows a bit older, and the older one grows, the more problems with adaptation to latest trends, fashion, musics, life-style etc. one is experiencing. Now, actually, my biggest secret is that, actually, I’m growing younger by the day. However, this seem to be so uncommon that nobody is going to understand it. Moreover, explaining that would be digressing, so let me ignore this fact for the time being…

Point is: I’ve developed a new definition of modern-day Western politics. It might be I’m a few years late, but it seems that zombies are particularly popular, lately.

Therefore, I’ve decided to develop a definition called ‘Zombie Idiotism’.

What is Zombie Idiotism?

Well, you know how are zombies shown in all the movies? Moving around, without any particular order, babbling incomprehensible things, and getting shot to pieces?

That’s what I’m meanwhile associating with the behaviour of our ‘Western’ politicians in regards of (not only) their foreign policies.

Here is a good example. Zombie Idiotism is increasing military aid to Israel by 10-30 times in six months (depending on the country in question: the USA made over 100 arms transfers during this period, without any kind of public debate; Germany is doing its utmost too, followed by India, South Korea, etc.) – all in order to enable and wholeheartedly support a genocide of Palestinians. While, and at the same time:

  1. Complaining about Ukrainian UAV strikes on the Russian oil refineries, because this ‘might damage the markets’, plus
  2. NOT sending anything at all to Ukraine (not even urgently necessary artillery ammunition)
  3. While own arms factories are idling, i.e. manufacturing at only a fraction of their potential capacity.

Shall I take Raytheon as example? That’s the corporation manufacturing MIM-104 Patriot SAMs.

According to the President of Raytheon Land & Air Defense Systems, Thomas Laliberty, the factory has a capacity of manufacturing a complete MIM-104 ‘battery’ per month. Would mean: twelve per year (in digits: 12).

However, presently, for this year it’s planning to manufacture only five (in digits: 5) for Switzerland, plus two, perhaps three (in digits: 2-3) replacements for batteries sent to Ukraine the last year.

Additional to that, the US Army has some 600 launchers (mind: launchers, no ‘batteries’ as some say) for MIM-104s stored, ‘surplus to requirement’ and short of being destroyed.

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