Torture chambers discovered in the de-occupied territory of Kherson Oblast

November 18,2022 1086
Torture chambers discovered in the de-occupied territory of Kherson Oblast

Ukrainian law enforcement officers have already discovered 11 places of detention of civilians by Russian troops in the de-occupied parts of Kherson Oblast, including four torture chambers, the National Police of Ukraine reported on Thursday.

“We are currently documenting 11 places of imprisonment, including 4 torture chambers. The aggressors illegally detained and tortured Ukrainian citizens on the territory and in the basements of private homes, in the premises of five educational institutions, as well as in a grocery store,” said Oleksiy Sergeev, head of the Department of Organizational Analytical Support and Operational Response of the National Police.

He added that the bodies of 30 dead civilians were found.

The SSU described one of these tortures on Facebook.

“The Russians kept local patriots who refused to cooperate with the enemy there in inhumane conditions. Kherson residents were interrogated and brutally tortured. During the inspection, torture law enforcement officers found objects that directly indicate signs of torture,” the post reads.

“We are observing a traditional picture for de-occupied territories – so-called torture chambers were widely used on the territory of police departments, people were kept in absolutely inhumane conditions, and humanitarian convoys were shot. I am not mentioning dozens of property crimes committed by the occupiers against the civilian population,” First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevgeny Yenin commented on the situation on Sunday, quoted in the Ukrainska Pravda.

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