Emiratis and expats in UAE to honor Ukrainian woman by building mosque

April 2,2024 1798
Emiratis and expats in UAE to honor Ukrainian woman by building mosque

In the United Arab Emirates, a campaign is in progress to gather funds for building a mosque as a tribute to Daria Kotsarenko, a Ukrainian. Hundreds of Muslims in Dubai came together on March 29th to pay their last respects.

Three years ago, Daria Kotsarenko arrived in the country as a tourist and began producing content on Islam and the UAE. During this time, she developed a genuine fascination with the local traditions and culture, engaging in extensive research and greatly enhancing her understanding. Although she visited other nations, Daria ultimately decided to come back to the UAE and embraced Islam.

Even before she embraced Islam, Daria was known for her modesty. She led a virtuous life, devoid of any haram relationships, and dressed modestly. She abstained from alcohol and other prohibited activities,” remarked a representative of the local community during the farewell ceremony. 

Sadly, Daria passed away unexpectedly at 29 from a heart attack, which happened only hours after she embraced Islam. Interestingly, she had been fasting during the holy month of Ramadan when this occurred.

Daria’s mother, Yuliia Kotsarenko, and sister were present at her farewell. “She passed away on March 25 after embracing Islam on March 24. The video I have shows a moment when she takes the oath, she was very happy. It’s as if she found herself, found her way home. According to this faith, she left this world pure, like a newborn. It’s every Muslim’s dream to depart from this life like that. She was buried on March 29. Both her sister and I were present at the funeral. There were many Muslims there too. And now there will be a mosque in her memory… I’m deeply impressed,” wrote Daria’s mother.

Presently, concerned individuals are rallying together to collect funds for the construction of a mosque in Dubai in her honor. As of April 2nd, 10% of the required amount has already been raised.

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