UCCA calls to support Ukraine’s accession to NATO

July 3,2023 1022
UCCA calls to support Ukraine’s accession to NATO

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) calls on the US to support Ukraine’s accession to NATO at the summit in Vilnius. In addition, representatives of the organization are in favor of accelerating the provision of assistance to Ukraine from the North Atlantic Alliance.

“For decades, NATO served as an effective bulwark against Soviet expansion. That the Russian Federation has emerged as a similar aggressor state, leading to a destabilization of the European continent, is proof of NATO’s continued importance for both the United States and Europe as a safeguard against continued Russian expansionism,” the appeal states.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as constant provocations against NATO’s neighboring countries, as well as alliance members, prove that Russia’s actions pose a threat to all transatlantic security structures, the UCCA says.

During 16 months of full-scale war, Ukraine became a de facto member of NATO because it defended the alliance’s eastern flank. In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have almost completed the transition from the Soviet army to the army of the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“In line with UCCA’s previous statements supporting Ukraine’s NATO aspirations since the 2008 Summit in Bucharest, UCCA also expects that during the upcoming Vilnius Summit, the Alliance will provide Ukraine with a clear commitment for Ukraine’s NATO membership,” the UCCA concludes.

In June, the Ukrainian World Congress announced the global advocacy campaign #UkraineInNATO. UWC calls upon all Ukrainian communities, organizations, Ukrainians, and friends of Ukraine abroad to join the initiative. Details can be found here.

The summit of NATO leaders will take place on July 11-12 in Vilnius. There, Ukraine hopes to receive a clear signal about its readiness to join the North Atlantic Alliance.

Cover: AP