UCCA invites to take part in Ukrainian Week advocacy fete

May 16,2024 142
UCCA invites to take part in Ukrainian Week advocacy fete

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) and the Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS) have announced a Ukrainian Week advocacy fete.

The community aims to urge American legislators to increase support for Ukraine. The advocacy week will take place from June 15 to June 25 in local districts and states nationwide. “This advocacy event remains an important endeavor for the Ukrainian American community on the heels on the successful passage of the Ukraine supplemental assistance bill in April 2024,” the organizers wrote.

The advocacy event may be an excellent opportunity to meet with local representatives and senators. 

The goal is to thank your elected officials for their support of the Ukraine supplemental bill, as well as to acquaint them with prevailing issues such as expanding sanctions against russia (in particular russian banks and third-party sanctions evaders); designation of russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism; russia’s war crimes including the abduction of Ukrainian children; and, other important issues related to the war of russian aggression in Ukraine,” the organizers added.

On June 3, a virtual information session will be held for initiative participants ahead of the event. Each participant will also receive a brief information booklet for use. Additional details and a registration form for the event can be obtained at [email protected].

Join in the June 2024 Ukrainian Week endeavor. Advance our community’s concerns and meet your elected officials!” the organizers urged.

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