UK-administered fund to procure missiles for Ukraine up to 300 km range

May 1,2023 749
UK-administered fund to procure missiles for Ukraine up to 300 km range

The U.K. Ministry of Defense is accepting proposals from armament suppliers for long-range strike capabilities for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to an announcement on the British government’s website. The deadline is set for May 4, 2023.

The ministry via the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU) launched Urgent Bidding Round 2, inviting Expressions of Interest from suppliers across the globe for missiles or rockets meeting the following essential requirements:

  • 100 to 300 km range;
  • Land, sea or air launch;
  • 20 to 490 kg payload;
  • Low Probability of Intercept;
  • Includes Mission Planning Capability;
  • Assured navigation;
  • Air defense penetration methods to increase probability of successful strike;
  • Technical Readiness Level of at least 8.

The IFU is a funding mechanism that uses funding from international partners to procure priority military assistance for Ukraine at pace. This will ensure the continued supply of military support – lethal and non-lethal – to Ukraine through 2023 and beyond.

The fund is administered by the U.K. Ministry of Defense on behalf of an Executive Panel, comprising the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. These partners, along with Iceland and Lithuania, have contributed a collective total of more than £520 million (about $650 million) to the fund to date.

Photo: REUTERS/Eloisa Lopez via NV