UK considers preparations for Russia’s collapse scenario

June 27,2023 624
UK considers preparations for Russia’s collapse scenario

The scenario of the sudden collapse of Russia after Prigozhin’s “mutiny” became more likely. According to government sources of The Times, the United Kingdom should work out a plan for such a development of the situation.

London assumed a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine would provoke instability within the Russian Federation. However, Prigozhin’s actions prompted diplomats to revise their assessments of the speed of development of the scenario of the federation’s collapse.

“We have to wait, watch and see what comes next. This could be Chapter One of something new,” The Times’ source said.

The “mutiny” of the Wagner fighters was a surprise because previously, the thought was that everything would happen gradually, John Foreman, the former UK defense attache in Moscow, explained.

Roderic Lyne, a former UK ambassador to Russia, adds that Prigozhin’s “trip” to Moscow reduced Putin’s chances of ruling Russia for life. At the same time, Russia should not be underestimated, the diplomat said.

Earlier, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Russian private military company, tried to commit a “mutiny” against the current leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The mercenaries reached almost Moscow, killing 13 to 20 Russian soldiers. However, 200 km from the capital of the Russian Federation, the Wagner fighters retreated, allegedly after Prigozhin’s conversation with the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Lukashenko.

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