Ukraine could initiate talks with Russia after June Peace Summit

May 3,2024 440
Ukraine could initiate talks with Russia after June Peace Summit

Ukraine may commence negotiations with Russia after the Peace Summit in Switzerland, scheduled for June 15-16, announced Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in an interview with Foreign Policy. The meeting aims to form a coalition of countries sharing common views on ways to end Russia’s war against Ukraine.

It doesn’t make sense to have Russia at the table if we can’t ensure they’ll act in good faith. There are only two paths to prompt Russia to act in good faith – either Ukraine’s success on the battlefield or a coalition of like-minded countries united in principles and approaches,” said Kuleba.

The Minister added that the Global Peace Summit does not currently foresee Russia’s participation. However, the Kremlin is expected to become involved in the negotiations later on. “In the end, you cannot put the war to an end without both parties,” added the Foreign Minister.

Ukraine anticipates the attendance of leaders representing nations from every continent who uphold international law and adhere to the principles outlined in the UN Charter at the Global Peace Summit scheduled for June 15-16 in Switzerland, as announced by the Office of the President.

It is necessary to return a just peace to the Ukrainian land, to restore respect for international law and the UN Charter. And, of course, we need to consolidate the responsible countries to further support Ukraine and to show that all these countries are interested in the war ending,” emphasized the Office of the President.

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